How to Match a Bucket Hat?

A bucket hat often feels like a fishing master, or a crusader on a field expedition.

The following reasons can explain:

The hat and hat were too big and too loose.
Wear vest or outdoor functional clothing.
These costumes have nothing to do with the city, just like when you squeeze the subway, you always see a person wearing a

stormy suit.

So when matching, we should pay attention to the following:
Try to choose a plain hat, with a neat T-shirt, it will be very refreshing in summer . I’m not suggesting that you choose a shirt with too much print on the text. It’s not easy for ordinary people to handle.

I don’t recommend too much hat, even if you are plain all over, a hat dressed with many flowers will put you on a awkward place.
Softer canvas material is more suitable for matching shorts and baggy Harlan pants. A slightly stiffer denim material is suitable for matching jeans and tooling style, trousers can be consistent with the color of the hat, to unify the overall color system.
The color of the trousers can be echoed with the hat, to unify the overall color system. If you are serious enough, the fisherman’s hat can be matched with a dress. Make you look casual. If you are serious enough, the fisherman’s hat can be matched with a dress. Make you look casual.

Of course, when it comes to bucket hat, we have to mention Rihanna, she usually likes hat with concave shape and its color is also fickle.  A Bucket hat  is a necessary weapon for travel. Choosing hot pants or jeans to match the color of the day’s clothes can give you a casual holiday. Rihanna has a unique view of her own fashion. She constantly breaks through herself in music and fashion, and quickly becomes the vane of fashion, whether it is her changing hairstyle or her perfect fashion taste, which constantly affecting the heart of the Fashion people.

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