Bucket Hat, A Stylish Accessory.

When it comes to bucket hats, you more or less have some acknowledges about it. In previous articles, I sometimes note the matching of bucket hats and ones have a keen on it, thus, let me tell you this accessory in detail.

Fisherman’s hats called Bucket Hats in English, The most original fisherman’s hats are characterized by small edges, only a circle of shaded edges, made of wool (now mostly polyester); small rings with openings on both sides.

In the 1960 s the Island of Geligan,hero often wore it, and with the show’s popularity, the fisherman’s hat has been popularized since then.

In the ’80s and’ 90s, it became popular in the circle of hip-hop and gradually became the focus of hip-hop singers. Recently, we can often see its figure in street style. LL Cool J is one of the leading figures in Bucket Hat!

Rappers and trendy ICON demonstrations are also the driving force behind Bucket Hat’s popularity. It often appears in MV and performance, and Chris Brown and Rihanna also try it out.

With the continuous development of culture, bucket hat not only did not withdraw from the stage of history, but developed more diversified.